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I cannot curl my hair worth anything.  Before Christmas, the only way I knew to curl my hair was to put it up when it was wet.  I am hopeless with a curling iron.

However, some genius has made a way for my poor unskilled self, and invented a curling wand, which is slightly different than an iron and much easier to use.  And then someone awesome gave me one for Christmas.  🙂

I decided to make a case for it.  I’ve seen a lot of styling product cases that are made with insulating fabric — that way you can do your hair and immediately stick the iron in a drawer or suitcase without anything getting burned.  Mine is not like that.  It’s really more to protect against scratches (read: clumsiness) and general grossness, so I’ll still have to let my iron cool for a while after I use it.  But hey — the case is made with a Toms flag.  How awesome is that?  (I’ve also made a Toms wallet — go check it out!)

All I used was the flag, some t-shirt scraps for padding, and my wand to measure with.

Always save your scraps.  They are useful.

First, I cut squares out of the t-shirts using the Toms flag as a pattern, leaving the fabrics stacked.

Snip, snip

Snip, snip

Next, I folded the stack of fabric over onto itself, Toms flag on the inside, so I could measure the width of the case.  I wanted it pretty snug against the barrel, but had to leave enough room for the cord.  I slipped the iron between the fold and pinned around it.  Then I drew a line of best fit and sewed it up.

You can see where I am pinning around the iron.

You can see where I am pinning around the iron.

Now I've sewn the line of best fit.

Now I’ve sewn the line of best fit.

Once I had done all that, I pinked off the extra fabric and turned it inside out.  Then I sewed a small zigzag stitch around the top opening to keep the layers in place.  You could use any stitch, but the zigzag made it a little more decorative.

Finished product!

Finished product!

The whole project probably only took an hour or less.  I wasn’t really watching the time, but it’s a short and simple project.  You could do it with any fabric too, by  measuring the length of your iron and the width you want the case to be and just cutting out some rectangles..  You could even make it heat-proof by using insulated fabric instead of t-shirts.  Endless options, as always!  That’s why I love sewing.